Géhlénia undertakes the work closely with your project team to select the most relevant data and to make a deep univariate analysis of the data set before starting any complex data analyses where several statistical techniques are compared to provide the best and most robust answer


Géhlénia works through all possible options to provide you an implementable solution or to help you to find the optimal solution


Géhlénia ensures to always support your project team to implement the output of the study in your business


Géhlénia promises to explain the way used to find the solution (no « black box »)


Géhlénia compromises to ask for feedback and to follow the progress of your project


Géhlénia guarantees the confidentially of its work. Except by request from the client, the client name and content of the project is never disclosed, published or communicated in any form


Géhlénia uses stand-alone computers to perform the study and data analyses : to ensure a maximum data security the PCs dedicated to data mining and reporting are never connected to the internet or any other networks